Gio Barto was born in Milan only son,in the late fourties.
His parents died while he was only 12 and was educated by the institute Usuelli of Milan under the supervision of the Somaschi Fathers of the catholically church.
In 1962 he started working as an assistant with the famous Ugo Mulas, his biggest teacher, that tought him the art and the passion for photography and the correct technique in the art of photography.
During this experience he will meet the biggest and most famous artist’s of the time: these are the mythical ’60, the times of great art and creativity. It’s from the meeting of these big creativities, that varies from literature to cinematography, that Gio Barto grew his bag of good taste and love and knowledge for art.
At 19 with a letter of presentation written by his master, he volunteered for the army, in the regiment of the parachutists, at the way for Pisa, and then onto the Livorno headquarters, where he would do the photographer of his regiment.
After his military service he returned to Milan and met Vincenzo Carrese, owner of the Publifoto photography agency, that bet on the talent and photography of Gio, paying him as his own agent in the fields of beauty and fashion.
At 22 he starts working by his own in the fields of fashion and beauty, collaborating in Milan for important magazines such as Vogue, Harper Bazar, Cosmopolitan, and other Italian magazines as Linea Italiana, Amica, Anna, Grazia, Gioia and many more. From 1976 to 1980 he started travelling frequently to London at Chelsea, where he started working with English magazines like Harpes Queen,Cosmopolitan, Honey, Nineteen, Company, Good Housekeeping, She, Woman and more… From 1980 to 1990 Gio also works with German fashion magazines as Stern, Brigitte, Burda and always from 1980 to 2003 with French fashion and beauty magazines like Top Santè, Cotè Femme, Maxi, Bonne Soiree. In the ’90 he contributed to realize many publicity agencies and production houses of Milan, that today also work’s with.
Today Gio, with the help of his son Giacomo, just graduated, spends much of his time to experimentation and research of photography for the new GioBarto Production.





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